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Keep Your Restaurant Mold Free

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

Restaurant owners have some of the busiest lives of any other type of business owner. With so many responsibilities and pending issues on your plate, mold growth is the last thing that needs to be added to their busy plate. Prevention is the best offense, so follow these pointers to help keep your restaurant clean.

1. Perform routine and thorough mold inspections.
Mold can be sneaky and is capable of growing almost anywhere, as long as conditions are right. Lots of areas in a restaurant are capable of being home to mold spores, so it's important that a regular mold inspection is performed to stay on top of the issue. Don't forget to check each and every corner.

2. Maintain safe humidity levels.
Restaurants naturally produce high humidity among the space. From the stoves and ovens to the dishwasher, there's almost always an appliance working to generate heat and moisture. This is why it's extra important to manually maintain proper humidity levels in the building.

3. Keep surfaces as dry as possible.
Water damage is an open invitation for mold growth, so it's absolutely vital that you dry standing puddles and building condensation as soon as you discover it. You won't always be able to keep your restaurant super dry, but even the smallest bit of effort can make a huge difference.

4. Clean out spoiled food.
Mold loves old food that has been out for a while. What's worse, fresh food that comes into contact with mold like ingredients that can become contaminated. Take the time to regularly clean out your walk-in refrigerator and freezer to make sure you're only serving fresh ingredients.

5. Enlist professional help.
If you do manage to stay on top of everything, asking for a professional's help can never hurt. Schedule professional inspections with your local remediation specialists a couple times a year just to be absolutely safe. Mold growth can seriously hurt a restaurant owner's business, so it's important to perform the correct preventative measures. 

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